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Fri Mar 13 12:48:18 EST 1998

mcour at wrote:

> I am also wondering how long I can let the logs sit next to my driveway before
> bringing in someone with a mill to cut them.  I might not have the cash
> available for a year, so would it be better to leave the trees standing until
> I can afford to have them rough sawn?  Are there guys who are willing to fell
> the trees and cut the boards for a percentage of the wood (I'd expect to keep
> 30-40% of the wood in this kind of deal)?

Biker answered your share question.  The best bet, unless you want to
put the logs under a sprinkler for the year, is not to cut the trees
until you are reasonably sure your going to mill them quickly.  Most
Mizer millers in Texas ask around $100 per thousand for milling.

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