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Fri Mar 13 15:46:31 EST 1998

mcour at writes: > The loggers are in the 4th day of a two week logging operation on my 5.5 aacre
> parcel.  The contract specifies that they are to follow best management
> practices, and emphasizes this fact in regards to logging roads and stream
> crossings.  The loggers did not install a culvert for the small stream
> crossing, and it is beginning to show problems.  I have reminded the logger of
> this but he has taken no action and the logging continues.
> What should I do here?  The contract states that I can suspend the operation
> if the contract terms are not being met.  This seems extreme, but what other
> recourse do I have?
> Michael Courtney
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Michael, If the loggers aren't following the letter of the contract.... suspend operations.
The intent of the contract ios something different. They may be planning to clean out the stream when they are done.
If you are administering the contract, the best thing you can do is get the creww leader and express your concerns. If they then do not heed your wishes, shut them down until they do.
Be sure to document your actions and alwats have a written contract.
I have shut down only one logging operation in my 5 years as a consulting forester. The loggers don't take it lightly, but they were not following the letter of the contract. It had to be done to protect the landowners wishes.
Rob Clark
mcdfb at

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