need portable sawmill service

Kenneth Moon kmoon7k at
Sat Mar 14 03:05:52 EST 1998

A lot of the pricing will depend on what part of the country you're in.
I've found sawyer here in Texas that will cut for a fixed price per hour
(usually between $45.00 for a small portable mill to $100.00 in a
stationary mill. Some will work for a share of the harvest. The amount they
want will depend on what the wood is, plus how big. I'm taking a load to a
sawyer near San Antonio next week. He has a new Timber King band saw mill,
and he charges $45.00 per hour.

Ken Moon
Webberville, TX.

cour at wrote in article <6ebkp6$h34$1 at>...
> I am having some timber taken from my property by loggers.  After they
> done, I will have about 5000 board feet remaining in some big poplars and
> small cherrys and maples. This seems like a good deal to me,
> but then I need to bring in a guy with  portable saw mill to cut the
> What can I expect to pay per board foot for this service? 

Are there people with mills willing to work for a portion of the lumber
rather than cash?

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