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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sat Mar 14 15:01:49 EST 1998

MMEMU wrote:
> Do you know if Black Alder could be used in place of Black Locust without the
> problems.  The State of Kentucky sells them and claims  that they provide the
> same nitrogen fixation as the locust and autunm olive.  They probably require
> full sun also. They are a much smaller tree when mature so maybe would'nt crowd
> out the pines.
> Just suppose on good upland acid soil,  planted 10x 12 at the same time, who
> would win loblolly or locust? Thanks you are very patient.

Lots of variables, but from observations here in Texas, short term the
black locust will get up quicker, then Loblolly will catch up, overshade
and suppress the black locust.  But, cut the lob, and the locust is back
in vengence.  Black locust forms thickets here that resist everything
but fire, and then they sprout like crazy.  Not a think I would
voluntarily introduce onto a track.
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