Best Management Practices

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Sun Mar 15 17:01:53 EST 1998

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> The loggers are in the 4th day of a two week logging operation on my 5.5 aacre
> parcel.  The contract specifies that they are to follow best management
> practices, and emphasizes this fact in regards to logging roads and stream
> crossings.  The loggers did not install a culvert for the small stream
> crossing, and it is beginning to show problems.  I have reminded the logger of
> this but he has taken no action and the logging continues.

Are you sure you want a culvert?  I have one where a county road crosses
a stream on my property, and the outflow of the culvert has undercut
the stream bed until there is a pretty high barrier to fish migration.
A culvert may do much more long term damage to the stream than
just driving across it for a couple weeks.

If they're really chewing up the stream bed, you might have them place
a truckload of 6" crushed in the crossing.  This would form a pavement
to get the trucks across, and the next high water would spread the
rocks downstream.

-- Larry

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