Are there alcohol powered chainsaws?

Theo Hopkins thopkins at
Mon Mar 16 16:31:56 EST 1998

I wonder if anyone knows if it is possible to get buy a commercial
chainsaw that runs on alcohol. 

(I am told that alcohol is used for something called 'chainsaw racing'
(whats that?) but that this gives an engine life of about one quater of
an hour before the engine melts).

I have some friends who live in a community that avoids using non-
renewable and fossil-fuels such as coal, petrol/gsaoline, mains
electricity, etc. They work mostly by hand and horse, including their
forestry. They sell sawn timber, Douglas and larch, which they saw with
a steam-powered saw-bench run off waste timber and thinings.

They can make and distill alcohol within their community, and an alcohol
powered saw would make their life easier and more profitable.

BTW... Advert!! The alcohol they make at the moment is highly alcoholic
British 'scrumpy' apple cider. With the first glass you notice nothing,
with the second glass you still notice nothing, but with the third glass
and you wonder where your legs have gone.

Theo Hopkins

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