need portable sawmill service

kburns kburns at
Mon Mar 16 18:49:53 EST 1998

mcour at wrote in article <6ebkp6$h34$1 at>...
> I am also wondering how long I can let the logs sit next to my driveway
> bringing in someone with a mill to cut them.  I might not have the cash
> available for a year, so would it be better to leave the trees standing
> I can afford to have them rough sawn?  Are there guys who are willing to
> the trees and cut the boards for a percentage of the wood (I'd expect to
> 30-40% of the wood in this kind of deal)?
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I don't recommend you cut the trees down and let them sit there.  I know
someone who cut the trees down in winter, and didn't remove the bark, when
we started milling the trees the following winter worms had invaded the
logs and made them close to worthless.
50-50 split for milling sound like a good deal for both parties.

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