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>In the harvesting opperations that I have seen  ... all the slash was left at
the cut.  <snip>  Now is the majority of the nutrients in a tree stored in the
wood or in the foliage?

It's my guess that there's a lot more of value in the slash than in the leaves.

The trend here in NY definitely seems to be more towards leaving the slash to
return nutrients to the soil.  Loggers are happy with this, since it can be
hazardous to work with tops.   Sometimes, though, the landowner will specify
that tops must be cut to 2' or 4' sections so there is greater contact with the
forest floor, and faster decomposition.

Slash in hardwood forests also protects regenerating seedlings (especially oak)
from deer.  Many areas of the state have a tremendously high deer population,
and in some areas, deer have more effect on changes in forest composition than
any other factor (other than loggers <g>).  With the mild winter we had this
year that led to high survival rates for deer, there's going to be a larger
impact than usual..

Most landowners here do not plant trees, but rely on natural regeneration
unless they want to introduce trees that are not present.

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