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Mon Mar 16 23:12:09 EST 1998

B. J. Nodello wrote:
> I guess this is more of a question than a comment.  I realize that a lot
> of environmentalists state that cutting is not the same as a tree dying
> (sorry Theo, but I believe that they die just as ourselves :)) because
> they are removed and not left to decompose and become soil.  Here is my
> question...In the harvesting opperations that I have seen (Manitoba, New
> Brunswick, and Nova Scotia) all the slash was left at the cut.  In
> Manitoba the slash was actually spread over the roads when the operation
> was complete.  Now is the majority of the nutrients in a tree stored in
> the wood or in the foliage?

Good question, I think wood. Along with all the rest of the good stuff.  

Al, you have an answer?
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