Best Management Practices

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Tue Mar 17 11:45:04 EST 1998

Pulling the culvert upon completion of logging is standard in this corner of the
PNW and will of course be different elsewhere. 

In WA, cases where damage FROM installing/removing the culvert is judged
excessive, fording is the next alternative. Of course there are conditions:
tracked machines only, no yarding, a limited number of crossings, on hard
bottom,a set time, a set distance away from existing redds and a shut down if
you can't do it right. I didn't say it was easy.

This is with a Hydraulics Permit. Doing any of the above without the Permit
allows you to contribute a bonus to the state treasury, as will using fill to
armor the bottom. I've found that fording sometimes has less impact than a
culvert but each case is unique. Fords suffer from a bad rep which has become
'petrified' in most state's natural resource protection laws.
Mike H

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> In article <6ebhc2$ejv$1 at>, mcour at wrote:
> > The loggers are in the 4th day of a two week logging operation on my 5.5 aacre
> > parcel.  The contract specifies that they are to follow best management
> > practices, and emphasizes this fact in regards to logging roads and stream
> > crossings.  The loggers did not install a culvert for the small stream
> > crossing, and it is beginning to show problems.  I have reminded the logger of
> > this but he has taken no action and the logging continues.
> Are you sure you want a culvert?  I have one where a county road crosses
> a stream on my property, and the outflow of the culvert has undercut
> the stream bed until there is a pretty high barrier to fish migration.
> A culvert may do much more long term damage to the stream than
> just driving across it for a couple weeks.
> If they're really chewing up the stream bed, you might have them place
> a truckload of 6" crushed in the crossing.  This would form a pavement
> to get the trucks across, and the next high water would spread the
> rocks downstream.
> -- Larry

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