identification needed

David Wuchinich dgwuchinich at
Tue Mar 17 07:56:26 EST 1998

Hiking an abandoned railbed I noticed a tree at the wayside having
almost perfectly spherical ornaments pending from its branches.  Colored
a very light tan, almost gray with a small hole at bottom, these pods
are very fragile and almost paper thin.  In texture and color they
resemble a miniature wasp nest.  My casual effort as preservation of a
specimen in my jacket pocket was foiled when I crushed the thing fishing
for change.  The tree itself was about 10 feet tall, but the pods
adhered vociferously in this month of March!  I consulted Peterson's and
Aududon's North America guides to no avail.  Location is 45 miles due
north of New York City.  Any help appreciated.

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