Federal Programs

Ron Wenrich woodtick at lebmofo.com
Tue Mar 17 16:45:30 EST 1998

J. Fiske wrote:

> and so on ... These rates are supposed to be 75% of the cost of the plan. Think you
> could do an inventory and write a management plan on 100 acre for $525? In some
> parts of the country maybe, but not in the northeast ... unless you see it as a
> public service.

It depends on how you inventory and to what intensity.  Time of year is a factor as
well as terrain.  I took plots on a 100 acre tract at a 5% inventory rate in about 6
hours field work.  No leaves, moderate terrain.  It took a couple of hours to digest
the data, and do the mapping.  No plan was written, it was just for a volume and value
estimate for logging to see if landowner would be interested.  He wasn't and it saved a
lot of time marking timber with no guaranteed outcome.


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