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> I believe your problem is due to aphid damage.  I don't know where you
> are located but in Ohio this is a common problem yet few recognize the
> cause .  The white cotton is usually accompanied by a blackening of the
> bark also.
> If you inspect the trees early in the morning or later on in the evening
> you will not find any aphids, usually only during the main part of the
> day.  Severe infestations will kill the tree.
> Spraying the tree for aphids will only temporarily solve the problem.
> The aphid is herded by an ant colony nearby.  The ants place the aphids
> on the trees in the morning and take them off in the evening and return
> them underground for the night.  The ants then milk the aphid for food.
> Look for active ant hills in the immediate area and kill the ants.
> Believe it or not, this will solve your problem.
I think that Timothy is right. Possibly Pineus pini? UK recommendations:

Use a persistent contact insecticide, approved for this purpose, on a mild and
calm day between early November and the end of Feb. Apply the insecticide at
high volume (i.e. spray to run off) to ensure contact with adelgids
overwintering close to terminal buds.

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