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Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sun Mar 22 12:54:26 EST 1998

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jostnix at (Jostnix) wrote:

> We have seen a blizzard of strange symbols and print in the last week or two. 
> I assume this is caused by foreign posters using a different keyboard.  Does
> anyone know for sure?

It appears to be originating in Russia, so I guess it's a Cyrillic character
set of some sort.  From what I could make out, it's spam anyway.
> I am real tired of deleting this stuff.  Is this the future of international
> newsgroups with multi language posts?  We can't even try to interpret with this
> crap....

Our section of usenet is generally ascii, though you may notice that the
character set I use is IS0-8859-1.  It's identical to ascii for the first
128 characters, and the upper 128 map to the special characters from
most western European languages.  Spanish comes across with all the
accents and tildes in place, German umlauts look right, Scandinavian
languages make sense, and even the occasional cedilla comes across 

However, to read Russian you have to load a whole new character set.
Some news readers will handle that, but only if the charset field
in the header is correctly configured.  In the case of our cyrillic
spammer, he evidently doesn't know that.  

-- Larry

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