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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Mar 23 15:35:10 EST 1998

Ron Wenrich wrote:
> J. Fiske wrote:
> >
> >
> > and so on ... These rates are supposed to be 75% of the cost of the plan. Think you
> > could do an inventory and write a management plan on 100 acre for $525? In some
> > parts of the country maybe, but not in the northeast ... unless you see it as a
> > public service.
> >
> It depends on how you inventory and to what intensity.  Time of year is a factor as
> well as terrain.  I took plots on a 100 acre tract at a 5% inventory rate in about 6
> hours field work.  No leaves, moderate terrain.  It took a couple of hours to digest
> the data, and do the mapping.  No plan was written, it was just for a volume and value
> estimate for logging to see if landowner would be interested.  He wasn't and it saved a
> lot of time marking timber with no guaranteed outcome.

100 acres?

To do it right, I first first carefully reproduce the survey on the topo
map, then walk the bounds, then I walk all the main woods road and
hiking trails, just to get familiar with the property. Having done this
and studied the topo, I have a good sense of where the stands are- even
without aerial photos which I like when I have them, I can then
determine a cruise strategy. Cruising 100 acres is a good days work in
rugged New England areas with ridges, swamps, etc. Then it takes a day's
work to prepare a decent plan. Then of course there's time it takes to
"sell" the plan to the landowner, and the time on the phone with the
gov. guys to discuss various things, etc. So it's looking like 3 days
work to do a decent SIP plan. Any self employed person needs to get
$40-50 any ways, so we're looking at maybe $1,000- so whatever subsidy
gets paid, fine, but it won't influence my fee. And there would be an
extra cost for painting the bounds. Even if the subsidy is low, in Mass.
by putting the land under the state forest tax law program, Ch. 61, the
landowner will get a 95% property tax reduction.

And of course my SIP plans are full of fancy environmental information-
everything about the geology, natural history, wildlife mgt., wetlands,
and all conceivable types of silviculture and aesthetic work to be done,
piled on higher and deeper- fancy graphics, etc. <G>

Joe Zorzin

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