identification needed

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Sun Mar 22 19:30:32 EST 1998

David Wuchinich wrote on 3/22:

>The pods were spherical and the tree was not a weed as it had a trunk with
>limbs branching at regular intervals.  It may have been as much as 12
>feet in height.  I may have to return to obtain a more detailed
>description this spring.


  The fact that you said earlier that each of these "pods" had a hole in the
bottom is very characteristic of an insect gall.  If they were seed pods, and
unbroken, I'd expect that there would have been seeds inside.

   There is a greater variety of oak galls than there are for any other tree in
the northeast, I'm pretty sure.  Most of the oak galls do not damage the tree
significantly.   Do you recall the shape of the tree enough to see if it
matches any oaks in your reference guides?  Many oak leaves deompose slowly, so
there might be some of last's year's  leaves available for identification.


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