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Ron Wenrich woodtick at lebmofo.com
Mon Mar 23 17:23:26 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Ron Wenrich wrote:
> > It depends on how you inventory and to what intensity.  Time of year is a factor as
> > well as terrain.  I took plots on a 100 acre tract at a 5% inventory rate in about 6
> > hours field work.  No leaves, moderate terrain.  It took a couple of hours to digest
> > the data, and do the mapping.  No plan was written, it was just for a volume and value
> > estimate for logging to see if landowner would be interested.  He wasn't and it saved a
> > lot of time marking timber with no guaranteed outcome.
> >
> > RDW
> 100 acres?
> To do it right, I first first carefully reproduce the survey on the topo
> map, then walk the bounds, then I walk all the main woods road and
> hiking trails, just to get familiar with the property. Having done this
> and studied the topo, I have a good sense of where the stands are- even
> without aerial photos which I like when I have them, I can then
> determine a cruise strategy. Cruising 100 acres is a good days work in
> rugged New England areas with ridges, swamps, etc. Then it takes a day's
> work to prepare a decent plan. Then of course there's time it takes to
> "sell" the plan to the landowner, and the time on the phone with the
> gov. guys to discuss various things, etc. So it's looking like 3 days
> work to do a decent SIP plan. Any self employed person needs to get
> $40-50 any ways, so we're looking at maybe $1,000- so whatever subsidy
> gets paid, fine, but it won't influence my fee. And there would be an
> extra cost for painting the bounds. Even if the subsidy is low, in Mass.
> by putting the land under the state forest tax law program, Ch. 61, the
> landowner will get a 95% property tax reduction.

My methods are to map the area, and have a good corner to start from.  I also put it down on
a topo map to determine the best method for taking plots.  I run N-S or E-W lines and use a
compass and pace.  10% sample comes out to about a plot every 200'.  While running lines I
can make note of where the existing roads are, the changes in timber type, and any other
pertinent info.  It works well for me, but I wouldn't want to do it when there are a lot of
leaves.  I also record dbh, tree grade, species, ht, and whether I would consider marking at
this time.  When put against an actual 100% cruise, I can get within 5%.

You are right that a mgmt plan would cost more than a general cruise, and your figures are
good for New England.  Down here you can't sell most landowners a mgmt plan and we have no
tax program.


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