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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Mar 24 03:59:08 EST 1998

Ron Wenrich wrote:

> You are right that a mgmt plan would cost more than a general cruise, and your figures are
> good for New England.  Down here you can't sell most landowners a mgmt plan and we have no
> tax program.

In Mass. - without a tax program- there would be NO forestry, only
logging; despite the fact that forestry still makes good sense as my
fellow Mass. consultant Karl Davies has been saying. Convincing people
of the LONG TERM logic of forestry isn't as convincing as that immediate
95% tax break, especially with the very high property values in my area
which is a tourist area for wealthy NY'ers. Some people are paying
$2,000 per year property tax on 100 ac. woodlots. So that's almost
$2,000 per year I can save them each year for 10 years- the life of the
plan- so if that plan cost $1,000- it saves them $20,000 which is a
2,000% rate of return and we haven't even talked about the growing trees

Joe Zorzin

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