Federal Programs

LRLake lrlake at aol.com
Tue Mar 24 18:00:14 EST 1998


If any upstanding Yankee forester can't sell the obvious advantage you outline,
below... I don't think there are any government foresters or others that can
make the case for you.  You don't need licensing or more "sincere" state
foresters, you need a partner and an agressive campaign to enlist all the
owners for 10% of the difference of the current tax bite!


Lawrence Lake, RPF
Redding, CA

>Subject: Re: Federal Programs
>From: Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com>
>Date: Tue, Mar 24, 1998 03:59 EST
>Message-id: <351775DC.79AF15B1 at forestmeister.com>
>Ron Wenrich wrote:
>> You are right that a mgmt plan would cost more than a general cruise, and
>your figures are
>> good for New England.  Down here you can't sell most landowners a mgmt plan
>and we have no
>> tax program.
>In Mass. - without a tax program- there would be NO forestry, only
>logging; despite the fact that forestry still makes good sense as my
>fellow Mass. consultant Karl Davies has been saying. Convincing people
>of the LONG TERM logic of forestry isn't as convincing as that immediate
>95% tax break, especially with the very high property values in my area
>which is a tourist area for wealthy NY'ers. Some people are paying
>$2,000 per year property tax on 100 ac. woodlots. So that's almost
>$2,000 per year I can save them each year for 10 years- the life of the
>plan- so if that plan cost $1,000- it saves them $20,000 which is a
>2,000% rate of return and we haven't even talked about the growing trees
>Joe Zorzin

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