identification needed

Don Staples dstaples at
Wed Mar 25 10:13:21 EST 1998

Never known blister rust,or any of the rusts, to have a one inch stem,
likewise with insect galls.

JimiFromMI wrote:
> Could it be a Tamarack or Larch (shedded "evergreen") with a blister rust (a
> fungus) commonly found on Cedars?  Or maybe a defoliated Cedar with the rust
> persisting?  Are there any insect species that "eat" into blister rusts?  I've
> seen a spherical rust on "Red Cedar"-- in dry, sandy climates in the north.
> I've also seen similar rust on Bald Cyprus in wet Clay habitats in the south.
> Scratch the stem to see if the tree is still alive or return later when in
> leaf.   A leaf description will be invaluable.
> PS:  Loved the comment about bragging about the huge Texas Weed!!!

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