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China Timber Imports Seen Rising
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In a move that could drastically effect the Asian log markets, China 
has announced that its log imports will rise as it pursues stronger 
forest conservation measures while stimulating its housing sector.


Title:    China timber imports seen rising -- newspaper
Source:   Reuters
Status:   Copyright, contact source to reprint
Date:     March 22, 1998

BEIJING, March 22 (Reuters) - China is forecasting a rise in timber 
imports as the government curbs logging and at the same time 
stimulates its housing sector, the China Daily reported on Sunday.

``Timber imports will definitely increase, but not inordinately,'' the 
newspaper quoted an Agriculture Ministry forestry official as saying.

The growth rate of China's log imports will be determined 
predominantly by market demand, said Liu Shuren of the ministry's 
forestry products department.

Demand would grow with China's efforts to boost the housing sector, 
identified last week by Premier Zhu Rongji as a target of state 
efforts to stimulate China's economy.

Liu forecast strong demand for high-grade timber used for furniture 
and interior decorating, which is in short supply in China. Chinese 
warehouses had stockpiles of larch and other low-grade lumber, he 

China, which imported 4.0 million cubic metres (yards) of logs in 
1997, would encourage timber imports and limit exports while 
implementing forest protection projects that would drastically cut 
domestic log output, he said.

The ministry aims to reduce log output in state forests to 13 million 
cubic metres by the year 2000, 43 percent less than the 23 million 
cubic metres harvest in 1997, the report said.

A separate China Daily report said the southern province of Guangdong 
had increased efforts to attract foreign investment in its forestry 
products sector, a source of $500 million worth of exports each year.

Sixty projects in timber processing, pulp and paper-making and fruit 
orchards had drawn cumulative pledged capital of $850 million, the 
report quoted Guangdong officials as saying. 

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