China Timber Imports (Fwd)

Susan112 susan112 at
Fri Mar 27 22:20:21 EST 1998

I can't add much here except that Asian and European buyers have been scooping
up primo logs around these parts for years.  We'd much rather see them
processed in state before leaving, thus the buyers tend to be very unwilling to
talk to us during mill surveys if you can find them at all.  We're not
regulatory, just curious, but they still shy away from any attention about
drain surveys or resource use, data etc.  There's a very vague class of product
called "export logs"  I haven't been able to nail down the specs but they
certainly go for more than your typical in-state or in-country log.

If this market expands I hope that we can find a better way to track it and
make better use of it in bidding sales.


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