EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Mar 29 06:16:44 EST 1998

RandyFulle wrote:
> Pretty presumtive of you to assume foresters are neither envioronmental nor
> understand the concept of Gaia.

Well you might be, having a PHD; but get out there with the "working
stiff" foresters.

I very often hear foresters use the word "environmentalist" in an
extremely negative way (including in this newsgroup), and this includes
some people I know who have fairly high jobs in the USFS, and some
higher ups in the state of Mass. DEM.

And for sure your typical industrial forester- many of whom have 2 year
technical school training- has little environmental understanding and
certainly hasn't heard about the "Gaia" concept.

Environmentalists have rightly rebelled against foresters for the
massive clearcuts, erosion, monocultures, lack of concern for non game
wildlife, little understanding of endangered species, etc. And the
foresters haven't been too happy about such criticism.

So I think it's presumptive of you to use that word presumptive with me.
It is a fact that the forestry profession and the environmental movement
have been at each other's throats for a couple of generations and this
wouldn't be happening if foresters had a better understanding of the
"other" side.

If the forestry profession really got it's act together - it would could
avoid all the controversy- by becomming more environmental than the non
forester environmentalists- anticipate the complaints and have good
answers for those problems- instead of always stubbornly reacting to the
complaints- ending up fighting in court for years- so that the national
forest policies swing from one extreme to the other depending on what
political philosophy holds power.

Joe Zorzin

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