EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris

RandyFulle randyfulle at
Sun Mar 29 15:08:36 EST 1998

Once again you presume too much Mr. Zorzin,

You assume since I hold a PhD that I am not a working forester. I have been a
working forester since age 20. I worked as a forest tech. to get myself through
college. This included pulling chokers, pulling the green chain, marking,
felling and scaling. I worked on hotshot crews. And yes I have taught college,
junior college, volunteered as high school science fairs. I also worked for the
USFS in the Region-6 and Region-2. I also worked for forest research.  I am
currently a "working" forest consultant. So don't presume to tell me to get my
ass out there with the "working stiff" foresters.....I am the "working stiff"

>And for sure your typical industrial forester- many of whom have 2 year
>technical school training- has little environmental understanding and
>certainly hasn't heard about the "Gaia" concept.

I take exception to your classification of the '2-year' technician as some sort
of idiot that has little environmental understanding. I have found that most 2
year techs that have spent even a little time in the woods has a better
understanding of how the system works than most environmental lawyers that are
too lazy and too engrossed in the books to get off of their asses and leave the
confines of their cushy offices.

>Environmentalists have rightly rebelled against foresters for the
>massive clearcuts, erosion, monocultures, lack of concern for non game
>wildlife, little understanding of endangered species, etc. And the
>foresters haven't been too happy about such criticism.

Like most envionmentalists I have worked with you state opinion as fact. You
must be speaking of eastern foresters because the foresters I know out west are
intelligent, concerened and very competent individuals working within a
political system that has no understanding of biology.

>So I think it's presumptive of you to use that word presumptive with me.
>It is a fact that the forestry profession and the environmental movement
>have been at each other's throats for a couple of generations and this
>wouldn't be happening if foresters had a better understanding of the
>"other" side.

Finally I agee. The two sides have been at each others throats and will
continue to be so until they BOTH understand each others perspective. The
problem is that the envionmental movement says they are the only ones with the
knowledge and that all should come to their shrine to pray. As a group I have
found the movement unwilling to take a walk in the woods with me and discuss
(without name calling and recriminations). Almost (I know this a
generalization) all 'environmental' groups I have worked with are not really
environmental minded, but are at heart preservationinst. They want no access to
the woods for anybody and want the system to stay as it is today. They lack
even the basic understanding that the forests and their surroundings are a
living, dynamic system and will resist, at all costs, to be put into
homeostasis.  What is the nature and purpose of fire and insects?

So once again, I mention that it is presumptive of you to make generalizations
about myself and others without understanding the individual and individuals
about which you write.

Randy Fuller
Forest Pathologist, Entomologist, Mycologist
and proud of it.

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