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Tue Mar 31 05:31:04 EST 1998

Karl Davies wrote:
> I forwarded this message to bionet.agroforestry and  Responses so
> far are bionet.agroforestry 10, 0.  Any thoughts on this peculiar
> discrepancy?  Joe?
> Karl

Hmmmm.... You're tempting me to give a dissertation but I'll refrain.
However, I do believe the net is democracy at work. We're all equal
here- gov. and private foresters, forest techs., loggers, landowners,
forestry professors, environmentalists and others. We don't judge people
by their clothes and how expensive their car is. And we don't respect
titles here. You make it or don't based on what you say. This is the
Roman Forum. It's revolutionary. Viva la revolution!

But the Society of American Foresters is the typical "top down
hierarchy" structured like a bureaucracy. All such large structured
organizations move slow, since so much energy goes into maintaining the
structure itself. It often takes years to do things that should take
minutes. Before long such organizations become sclerotic, unable and
unwilling to respond to the times. Two years ago I asked my state
forestry agency to update their list of foresters by adding email and
web addresses. They replied, "But we only update the list once each
year." They recently told me that the list is finally going to be
updated. They probably had to have several meetings to discuss this huge
project, that should have taken 5 minutes. <G>

Although Bill Gates gets attacked from all directions, and I do agree
with the critics that nobody is worth 40 billion dollars, I do respect
him for overthrowing the "old regime" of IBM and the vast bureaucracies
that loved those mainframes. And in his company, he really doesn't care
what you look like, how you dress, and all the other bullshit that is so
important in most of our society. Being related to or friendly with a
politician will get you nowhere in Microsoft. Gates only cares about
what you produce. If the forestry world had some of this revolutionary
spirit and less of the sclerosis of IBM and the S.A.F. and the
bureaucracies, it would be a much better profession. And it will happen
when more foresters and others interested in the forest get on the net
and start challenging those in "authority". Even Socrates told the
younger generation to rebel against authority- but of course we know
what they did to him. But at least he's still remembered at they're not.

"Still, after a year, the only forestry web page in the otherwise
sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."
Henry David Thoreau

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