EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris

RandyFulle randyfulle at
Tue Mar 31 22:01:27 EST 1998


Where abouts in Washington did you do your planting.

I did a bunch of planting in 77-80 for St. Regis in Golden, Wash. as part of a
study to determine an alternate species for Ponderosa pine. The P. pine was
being devestated by Armillaria mella (Shoe String root rot). I did
interplantings with spruce, douglas fir, western larch. Today the area is
absolutely beautiful. 300 acres of very productive forests that would have
otherwise been out of production and would have been a brush field (thanks to
the disease and insects).

I still get a thrill every time I see an area I have either planted or applied
a sound management plan that is doing great. The feeling that it will be their
long after I am gone is a feeling I know you have and a feeling that cannot be
expressed in words.

Good Job Carl.


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