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Fri May 1 14:50:19 EST 1998

Susan may have come up with a close answer.  Had a client call me to
come to his house and talk to an "arborist" that wanted to trim his
"overaged tree" for the mear sum of $400.00.  Pointed out the limbs that
needed "trimming", spoke to what a sad yard tree a "walnut"  (mockernut
Hickory) was, and  would haul the wood off, "for free"!

He left shortly after I arrived. Point of the story, perhaps it is a
non-tree familiar person being sold a bill of goods by a would be
arborist, or a total loser of a city line crew.  Sometimes we may over
annalyze a problem.

Susan112 wrote:
> You can find out more about proper pruning techniques for ornamental trees from
> your local certified arborist.
> Susan

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