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>The American Chestnut Foundation is a great resource, and they have back
>issues oftheir journal online at their website.  You might also check out
>the Northern Nut Growers Association at, 
>particularly their list of state NGA's.  Michigan and many other states
>have very active groups with some very knowledgeable people.  As I recall,
>Ken Asmus of Oikos Tree Crops Nursery in Kalamazoo knows a lot about 
>American Chestnut, also Dennis Fullbright at Michigan State.
>Karl Davies
>PS:  I assume jimifrommi means you're from Michigan.

Yep, and thanks for the names!

With regard to some of the earlier posts (I'm not a biologist, but...) seems
that if there exists a stand of American Chestnuts in PA that have alluded the
blight in an otherwise blight-infected area perhaps mother nature has already
developed a resistant strain.  The genetic characteristics of those trees could
be propogated by cuttings.  The seeds wouldn't necessarily be as effective
unless the tree's pollination partner came from a known source (sex in a
controlled environment with a genetic history).

About 4 years ago, the Livingston County SCS (South Eastern MI) was selling
bare-root American Chestnuts 2-0 in packages of 5.  No literature came with
them describing them as disese resistant.  I figured that if they were selling
Lombardy Poplar (very short lived) they probably didn't have a problem selling
something else that would die off in my lifetime.  Those chestnuts and the
other bareroot nut trees that I planted for my "nut grove" became Rabbit and
Deer food.  I'm not sure if they have resprouted as I no longer own the
property.  The other trees that I planted (and relocated) on the property are
visible from the road and are doing great.  The new owners must have thought I
was weird calling the 200 x 100 ft area clearing in the middle of the weeds -
er, I mean wildflowers - a "nut grove" but I had a very particular vision of 50
years out.

I think my next venture at Chestnuts will involve a containerized life for few
years before transplanting.  Looking forward to contacting your sources, hope
there really is disese resistant stuff out there!


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