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+APA Reports Tightening Pulp and Paper Inventories

The American Pulpwood Association reports that as first quarter profit
reports appear from
pulp and paper companies and from pulp and paper operating units of
integrated forest
products companies, most show some improvement over those of one year
ago, in spite of
reduced Asian demand and increased Asian competition. 

As of mid April, Walden's Fiber & Board Report and the Wall Street
Journal were reporting a
tightening of market pulp inventories.  Walden  added that "Asian pulp
buying is evidently still on
an upswing," although the Journal finds that some analysts are "worried
about more fallout." 

One prominent U.S. Chief executive expressed doubts about whether Asian
output "is so cheap
in relation to what a domestic producer's costs are, delivered to the
U.S. market," in spite of
currency factors.  

The American Forest & Paper Association reports that U.S. paper and
paperboard production
increased by 2.0% through February, compared with the first two months
of 1997. 

+Donohue purchases Champion's Texas Newsprint Mills

On March 23, the Canadian forest products company Donohue Inc. announced
it had agreed to
a deal with Champion International Corporation to purchase its newsprint
mills in Sheldon and
Lufkin, Texas, for $450 million.  

Donohue stated the intention "to make better use of the Texas plants to
sell newsprint in Mexico
and South America."  Donohue reportedly intends to trim the mills'
workforce and management
structure to cut the cost of production. Reportedly, Champion has agreed
to a 15-year contract
to supply the mills with wood from its Texas timberlands.

+The following was reported by the Liberty News Service, a service of
Liberty Matters.  

+American Heritage Rivers Initiative - Immediate Action Needed!

The newly appointed American Heritage Rivers Advisory Committee will be
holding a meeting
May  11 and 12 at the White House to create the list from which
President Clinton will choose 10
rivers to place under his rivers scheme.  Although touted as a "public
meeting," the Department
of Defense requests that advance notice of intent to attend be given
prior to the meeting.  Oral
testimony will not be allowed, only written statements.  Ostensibly to
"prevent premature
disclosure of their identity" the Committee will then reconvene behind
closed doors to select 20

This is one of the last chances to question the dictates of this
presidential order.  The President
is ignoring the critics of this program and circumventing the will of
the people and their elected
representatives in Congress.  The scheduled meetings are a sham to give
the President and
CEQ the cover they need to move this scheme forward.  The Advisory
Committee is made up of
basic supporters of the President's Initiative including individuals
selected from The Nature
Conservancy, Pategonia, Inc. and other NGO'S.

Although the deadline has passed to "opt-out," it will be very difficult
for CEQ to ignore it
Congressman's request to stop this land grab.  Ask your
Representative/Senators to
immediately send an "opt-out" letter to the President demanding that he
not let the President,
his staff or his hand-picked Advisory Committee ignore the will of the
people or Congress.

+ECOTERROR Hearings in Jeopardy

The long awaited US Congress House Crime Subcommittee hearing on
held on June 6-10 in Washington D.C. is in danger of being canceled.  

The problem is that too few WRITTEN requests have been received, and,
unfortunately, the
hundreds of telephone calls made were not properly tallied.  The
immediate need is for letters
requesting this investigation.

Please fax to: Rep.  Frank Riggs First District California Attn: Julie
Rodgers Exec. Asst. FAX

This may be the only opportunity we have to expose the environmental
terrorists for what they
are and to gain the press needed to fuel public outrage. The witness
list is stunning!

+Scientists Agree on Global Warming ... It's Hot Air

A petition recently circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science and
Medicine has garnered
more than 15,000 signatures of physicists, climatologists,
meteorologists and other certified
scientific personnel urging the rejection of the Global Warming Treaty. 
They conclude the
treaty would "harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and
technology and
damage the health and welfare of mankind."
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