A NEW Debate on the Forestry Profession

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Wed May 6 19:17:58 EST 1998

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>Sure, the consultant charges more but delivers more. In 25 years I've
>NEVER met a procurement forester who actually did SILVICULTURE. NEVER,
>NEVER, NEVER. They always say, "We'll just selectively cut the mature
>trees." BULLSHIT! They ALWAYS do a merchantable clearcut- which is NOT a
>total clearcut- but it means they take whatever will pay it's way out of
>the woods, leaving the culls, the low value species, and this is called
>HIGH GRADING- a silviculture rape job. Caveat emptor.

I do it.

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

~~~> The forest may be quiet, but that doesn't mean all the snakes have left.

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