A NEW Debate on the Forestry Profession

Susan112 susan112 at aol.com
Thu May 7 17:43:08 EST 1998

>State foresters are traditionally behind the curve in pricing structure,

Don:  In regard to sales and referrals I don't speak about what it should cost,
just what is typically charged and how it is charged.  I put both lights on the
percentage method as I see it (see my previous post).  I think that this is

In regard to pricing cost share arrangements for federal programs, I agree, the
costs are not adequately covered at the percentage of total cost advertized.

As to contract work on state land, I've gotten picked at several times for
having to pay higher prices for various jobs, but then I'm closer to St. Louis
and people expect a higher "wage" in this area.  I don't mind paying market
prices for what is fairly bid out.

>Direct referrals should be used only in unusual circumstances.  

You're right and I never was comfortable with the trial method that was used
for a very short while here before being dropped.  While using that method I
would also be sure to send the list of consultants to the inquiree as well.  I
have heard of the "finders fee" you talked about.  Obviously that's a direct
conflict and the individual should be fired.


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