A NEW Debate on the Forestry Profession

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Fri May 8 04:39:52 EST 1998

Susan112 wrote:
>  Joseph Zorzin
> >If you want to argue, we'll do it in public.
> Nope, you'll have to find someone else to flame.
> Susan

Good. And anytime you want to tell me who your boss is I'll be happy to
explain to him that you-
1. choose a forester for landowners
2. you tell a landowner a forester has charged too much

For such unprofessionalism you'd get fired in 5 minutes.

And while you're at it, upload to the net the list of all the
consultants in your state, because I want to tell them this too. And if
your boss has no common sense and doesn't fire you, the consultants will
make sure you do get fired. I will send a letter to every consultant in
your state about this. I'm sure you're so confident you're right that
you won't hesitate to pass along this information.

It's time ALL service foresters in this country are put out to pasture,
or some usefull work is handed to them, like real forestry missionary
work. Their pay will have a direct linear relationship with how many
thousands of acres THEY manage to direct to consultants. This is called
the "real world", instead of the imaginary fantasy land you service
foresters live in.

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