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Fri May 8 11:57:21 EST 1998

In article <35510826.B354DFFE at>,
Justin and Ande' Bergmann <wtchdr at> wrote:

> I have submitted a proposal for a new newsgroup called
> alt.forest.firefighting.  I have searched for a similar group that
> discusses this very subject, but have not found one.  I am trying to

Where did you submit the proposal?  I don't follow alt.config, but
you should have posted your proposal there, and crossposted it to
alt.forestry, bionet.agroforestry, and any firefighting groups that
you think might be interested.

Also, usenet likes to organize things in heirarchies, so they may be
happier with alt.forestry.firefighting, since there is already an

> find support for this idea and welcome any ideas of support or
> critisisms for that matter. The group would involve discussions in
> wildland fire fighting techniques, scientific discussions related to
> fire
> weather and behavior, while at the same time providing a place for
> fellow forest firefighters to share stories and experiences. The
> newsgroup could also be a valuable resource for people requesting
> employment and meeting with old friends.

Have you already started the discussion in alt.config?   If you don't
you will just get rmgrouped as soon as you newgroup it.

-- Larry

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