The Profession of Forestry, Question

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In recent posts, and in posts on the Mining Co Forestry Bulletin Board
there has been a discussion of the "arrogance" of consulting foresters,
and the "changes" in forestry over the past 40 years.  Along with
questions on percentage versus hourly wage, etc.

I would like to start a discussion on what you think have been
significant changes in the Practice of Forestry.  Leave out the politics
and address the actual application.  I take the position that basic
forestry has not changed significantly, but has been only refined in
certain areas.  It may also be of benefit to discuss your definition of
forester, consulting forester, and any refinement therein.

For example. I had control of a Southern Pine Beatle project covering
some 4500 square miles of deep east Texas.  During the 15 years I ran
the project, we refined the method of control, but there have been no
changes in the actual methods in the 20 years since then.  There were
attractants developed, but did not pan out as a method application.  
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