Forestry Practices and Geography

Tue May 12 18:44:25 EST 1998

I've only met one consulting forester in 20 years of treefarming and
belonging to various forest councils and landowner groups. I've met lots
of loggers, mostly independents looking for timber. Most of them were
looking for veneer. I've never met a landowner that sold timber through
a consulting forester. I've known of a few sales handled by the state
forester but by and large I think a lot of sales are done by a logger's
bid without a competing offer.
Recently I saw an out-of-state logger showing a mill owner all the
properties he had lined up for harvest. I know he did a mass mailing
because we got two form letters asking to contact him if we were
interested in selling. The plat map was pretty well colored in.
I'm sure the consulting forester from this area that posts here
occasionly could shed better light from a professional's point of view.

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