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Hi Guys, My name is Carol and I am director of the Cadillac Visitors Bureau
and the man's name is Jim Comp
If you need any more info I can probably direct you to a source or get some

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> You forgot to tell us how your morel search went.
> Scott
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> >Jimi originally wrote:
> >
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> >
> >>> . . . Normal old Castanea dentata is also sold with mention for
> >>> suitability "outside of the native range of chestnut where blight is not
> a
> >>> factor".  I've had difficulty actually hooking up with a voice at the
> >>>nursery
> >>> to explain, so I post this question here:
> >>>
> >>> What is "outside the native range of chestnut where blight is not a
> >>>factor"?
> >>>
> >>> Thanks.
> >
> >> Ron Wenrich <woodtick at> writes:
> >>
> >>It means outside of the normal range.  Chestnut planted in Oregon, for
> >>example,
> >>would be outside the normal range.  Chestnut planted in Ohio would be in
> the
> >>normal range.  According to the range maps that I have, SE Michigan is
> inside
> >>the
> >>range, but NE LP Michigan is outside the normal range.  However, due to
> the
> >>close
> >>proximity to the normal range, blight may still be a factor.
> >>
> >>RDW
> >>
> >
> >At a park in Cadillac, MI on Lake Cadillac (approx. 45 miles east of Lake
> >Michigan) there were a couple of American Chestnuts planted with a "in
> honor of
> >so and so" plaque for promoting the species (I'm going to have to go back
> and
> >write his name down).  Two trees approximately 7 or 8 inches DBH were
> within
> >12-13 yards of each other (also within 15 yards of the lake) approximately
> 6 or
> >so feet above water level and surrounded by grass.  Both trees had
> beautiful
> >foliage (as observed just last week) except one tree was bare of leaves at
> the
> >top-most 2-1/2 to 3 ft.
> >
> >Does this sound like the blight???  I've never witnessed it before.  I have
> no
> >idea what the lake water level fluctuations are and I HAVE seen similar
> tree
> >ailments when wet roots weren't suitable to the species.
> >
> >Earlier, while on my way to search for Morel Mushrooms, I zoomed by another
> >plaque (on M55 west of Cadillac) that indicated a highschool plantation of
> >American Chestnut trees which looked taller than the ones by the lake. As I
> >passed by at ~ 60 mph, I guess I'll have to return there and investigate
> >further (and also see if there are any seeds for my future nursery).
> >
> >Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted.
> >

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