Timber Marking Paint

JNPBUCK jnpbuck at aol.com
Sun May 31 15:34:36 EST 1998

Actually, Don is partly right.  The AP article I read mentioned two types of
paint.  One was called Southern somethingorother and is indeed out of
production.  The article said this kind had the higher probability of causing
birth defects (177%).  The other kind of paint the article mentioned is Nelson
Marking Paint.  This type of paint is still in production and is widely used in
the industry.  But, it has a lower probability of causing birth defects (81%)
  As a side note, the article was vague about the study quoted.  It said that
they were unsure whether it was the paint or the strenuous workday that
forester face while marking timber (or any other day, for that matter)>If this
is the paint I was reading about via AP recently, it's no longer
>made by the manufacturer or used.  The article was citing statistical
>studies that quantified the health hazards of this no-longer used paint.
>At least that's how I read it.

Paul Buckland
Inland Empire Paper Co.

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