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>we are trying to find more infor. on  tree farming .please send what ever you
>have to us .we bought some land and would like to start a tree farm,not for
>use as we will be retired by the time we plant but for our children or
>grandchildren.its been a dream weve had for years.


  I haven't seen a reply to your question yet, so here goes.
You don't say whether there are already some trees on your property for you to
work with, or if the land is clear and you have to plan, but in either case,
I'd recommend a multi-pronged approach, which would work for almost any New
York landowner.

  The NYS Extension Forester has a series of excellent articles directed to
landowners at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Natural Resources-Forestry
website.     Go to: and select "articles". 
Excellent material for the novice forest ownerand a good place to get your feet

  After you have absorbed some of this, call the DEC Region 5 
offices (Warrensburg), and ask to speak to a service forester.  The service
foresters in that office are VERY knowledgable and helpful.   The service
forester will to come to look at your property (no charge), and offer
recommendations consistent with your goals and the characteristics of your
property.  (NYS has not been providing enough service foresters for the
workload, so most committed landowners eventually need the services of a
private consultant forester, but start with the service foresters.) 

  If you want to learn  more before contacting the DEC forester, you could ask
a Master Forest Owner (MFO) to visit your property -- there is no charge for
this service, which is done by Cornell Extension Service-trained volunteers. 
There are upwards of 100 of us in the state.   

  Also, join the New York Forest Owners Association (NYFOA), and you will meet
other forest owners who are eager to help.  There is an active chapter in your
area which sponsors frequent woodswalks and woodstalks, and you'll get a
bimonthly magazine that's full of information.  There are also 2 state-wide
meetings each year with presentations on everything from forest tax law to
nature photography.  Information on NYFOA is at:

.i have the date for the
>and will come as we are in hudson falls

  Good decision!   There will be lots of forest and natural resource
information available, with exhibitors ranging from the USFS to chainsaw safety
to wildlife to individual wood craftspersons.   More info is at the NYFOA
website (above).

  Contact me by e-mail if you need more info.  

Family Forest Fair '98, Oct. 3 & 4, Greenwich NY 
I-87 to Saratoga Springs, Exit 14, west on Route 29

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