USFS DOES see my postings! Also, Temps win!

Larry Harrell fotoware at
Mon Nov 2 12:48:12 EST 1998

I heard it thru the grapevine that a previous post of mine was viewed and
distributed to many members of the Tahoe Nat'l Forest (of which, I am an
ex-employee). Eventually, it even made it to my former supervisor and
District Ranger! I hope that higher ups in the Regional and Washington
offices also felt my bitterness stemming from the abuses I have taken in my
16 seasons as a temporary employee in the USFS. My loyalty, experience and
knowledge (of ecologically sound logging) has been lost to the American
Public. If USFS logging is to continue, make sure they follow the rules
that they, themselves have set (which they do not always do).

My old district, Sierraville RD, has finally seen the light and hired 3 of
my former buddies as permanent employees!! I congratulate them and know
that it is well-deserved. The "nice, old man", who I spent many dozens of
hour with training him as a Harvest Inspector, always gives 100%+. The
second guy has a fairly serious leg problem and worked right thru the pain,
keeping up with young bucks half his age. The third has extensive knowledge
of computer mapping and has a good grasp of timber management issues. Way
to go, guys!
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