Christians for zero cut

Robert G Weinberger rweinber at
Wed Nov 4 01:15:56 EST 1998

In a previous article, manager at (Sam White) says:

>Brian, Larry, et. al:
>	First of all, to get a good look on the horrible practices by major
>companies on public lands, pick up the book simply entitled "Clearcut,"
>published in '96 or '97.  Email me for the author(I don't have it on

While the emotional impact of "Clearcut" is undeniable, its portrayal
of the situation is questionable at best. I am personally familiar with
three of the photos cited as showing horrible examples of clearcuts - NONE

One is of a large forest fire that burned particularly hot and was not
even salvage logged.

One is of a large brush field that resulted from a forest fire about 1900 and
is being cleared in order to replant trees.

And one contains some regenerated clearcuts (30+' tall reprod)in the
lower right hand corner of the photo, on private land that I manage. These
harvest areas are not discernable in the photo and are not what the
caption is pointing out. The only reason I know that these old clearcuts
are there is that I supervised the planting of them. What the caption decries as
horible clearcuts, fragmenting the forest, on the adjacent Forest Service land
are actually natural openings (wet & dry meadows) and one large unsalvaged
patch of bug-killed timber.

While I can't speak to the veracity of the rest of the publication, my
knowledge of those areas I am intimately familiar with makes me question
the entire book.

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