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KMorrisD kmorrisd at
Thu Nov 5 08:59:12 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote:

>> ZERO DOLLARS FOR SIP - The Stewardship Incentives Program, which
>> provides funding for
>> practices identified in Forest Stewardship Plans, did not receive
>> funding this year.  This surprise
>> apparently resulted from the action of Ralph Regula Representative
>> (R-OH), who felt that
>> taxpayers should not provide cash-subsidies to landowners of this
>> nature.
>Heck no, take that money and give it to all the forestry bureaucrats,
>not the landowners from whence the money came. <G>
>> FOREST STEWARDSHIP - The Forest Stewardship Program received an increase
>> of $5 million
>> (about the value that was cut from SIP) over last year's funding.
>Wait a minute, no money for SIP, but money for this? This is getting
>confusing. I thought the 2 were the same.

Maybe it's like you said above, everything now goes to hire new SIP burros and
nothing to the landowners or consultants.  That would make sense.  After all,
the world does need more forestry burros. <G>  Or maybe some of the money will
go to buy them all new SUVs, our contemporary equivalent of Cadillacs.  This
would certainly befit their elevated social positions. <G>

It sure will be interesting to see in whose pockets all that money ends up.


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