USFS DOES see my postings! Also, Temps win!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Nov 5 04:11:52 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:
> I heard it thru the grapevine that a previous post of mine was viewed and
> distributed to many members of the Tahoe Nat'l Forest (of which, I am an
> ex-employee). Eventually, it even made it to my former supervisor and
> District Ranger! I hope that higher ups in the Regional and Washington
> offices also felt my bitterness stemming from the abuses I have taken in my
> 16 seasons as a temporary employee in the USFS. My loyalty, experience and
> knowledge (of ecologically sound logging) has been lost to the American
> Public. If USFS logging is to continue, make sure they follow the rules
> that they, themselves have set (which they do not always do).
> My old district, Sierraville RD, has finally seen the light and hired 3 of
> my former buddies as permanent employees!! I congratulate them and know
> that it is well-deserved. The "nice, old man", who I spent many dozens of
> hour with training him as a Harvest Inspector, always gives 100%+. The
> second guy has a fairly serious leg problem and worked right thru the pain,
> keeping up with young bucks half his age. The third has extensive knowledge
> of computer mapping and has a good grasp of timber management issues. Way
> to go, guys!
> --

Larry, you mean they didn't also call you to see if you wanted a
permanent job there too?

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