ACF Update

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Nov 5 18:06:01 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote:
> KMorrisD wrote:
> >
> > It sure will be interesting to see in whose pockets all that money ends up.
> >
> > KMD
> The same pockets it always went into, not the working forester.  SIP was
> a federal welfare program to the state, in Texas as least.  More money
> into "administration" than into actual field production.

If I'm not mistaken, Karl (KMorrisD) has calculated that in our state of
MA, where we have 1 SIP bwanna, and an assisatance SIP bwanna- the
bwannas get 60% of the money, and the 135 consultants in the state get
the other 40% (via their clients).


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