Walnuts removed w/o permission

John Paul Sanborn bigjohn at wi.net
Thu Nov 5 19:27:01 EST 1998

The following is from a lady who posted on a discussion goup I lurk at

One person in Richmond said he had a portable sawmill and could come to 
the house and cut the logs into wood.  I would be paid a small amount 
for the wood because of the long distance he would have to travel to my 
home.  Some of the trees are 50-75 feet tall, and approximately 2' 
around at the base.  I don't know how to go about selling it because my 
husband and I are not able to cut it up because of age, health, etc.  
Can you help?

>Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 18:40:06 -0600
>From: John Paul Sanborn <bigjohn at wi.net>
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>Subject: Your walnuts
>Did you get any info on the wood? you never mentioned dbh or log 
>I noticed not many posts were heplful...let me know more if you want

seems that a SATV dish installer dropped about six black walnuts to get
good LOS on the antenna. They predictably state that they arent

She's looking to sell the logs, and needs legal advise. this is a
responce to my request for more info, but I still dont know where she

I told here to come here to find help... Richmond, Va area mayhap?


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