Deer rub damage to white pines

mcour at mcour at
Fri Nov 6 07:48:35 EST 1998

Some of our white pines are experiencing damage from deer rubbing their
antlers.  The pines are about 7' tall and 1" in diameter.  The damage is 1-2
feet from the ground and in some cases involves the removal of bark for
nearly the complete circumference over 6-8" of the trunk length.  On fruit
trees, I read not to use any type of dressings.  A couple of non-experts were
advising me last night that the trees would suffer no substantial damage if
they were wrapped with an appropriate dressing.

So, what are your expert opinions?  Should I leave the wounds untreated,
treat with some sort of protective covering, of cull the damaged trees?  How
serious a threat is this to the health of the tree and how much benefit might
I expect from whatever mitigating action I take?  I am planning on having my
consulting forester look at the damage and give his opinion, but I like to
get opinions from as many experts as possible.

Michael Courtney

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