sucks big time, pretentious jerks, with exceptions <G>

Susan112 susan112 at
Mon Nov 9 20:52:11 EST 1998

I did similar to Joe, subscribed for awhile, got bored listening to them be too
big for their britches and then unsubscribed..and I'm a member!  


Joe Zorzin said:
>Anyone want to read a lot of messages by a bunch of pretentious
>foresters, who all have to let you know how many grad degrees they have
>and what extremely important research they're working on?
>Then just go and subscribe to, the list server of the Soc. of
>American Foresters.
>And after a few messages showeded up, without the usual high level of
>pretentiousness (1 by me <G>); several PhDs and PhD wannabees in diapers
>started moaning and groaning about the low level of civility. After
>using the word "hell" I was soundly chewed out in private email by the
>lady bwanna boss of the place about my profanity.
>What a bunch of weenies. In the old days, such weenies would be tarred
>and feathered by REAL MEN for their weeniness, but I think a good old
>fashioned "chair dunking" in some nice ripe forest mud would do them
>I hurriedly unsubsribed from that looser of a place.
>I must add however that Don Staples is a subsriber, and of course he's
>not an SAF weenie, he's a REAL MAN, a Texas Mud Forester, and you can't
>be more unweenie than that. <G>
>This newsgroup is far more REAL, a real mix of people and little
>pretentiousness. We seldom agree, but at least people here are more
>genuine without all dangling that idiotic PhD after there name to
>impress us. <G>

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