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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of American Lands, November 10, 1998 
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CEQ RESIGNATION:  The President recently announced his
acceptance of the resignation of Kathleen McGinty as Chair of the
Council on Environmental Quality.  Katie and her staff have been very
responsive to our concerns and we wish her well.  Replacing her will
be George T. Frampton, Jr.  Mr. Frampton served as Assistant
Secretary of Interior for Fish and Wildlife and Parks and was also
president of the Wilderness Society. 

PROPOSED LOGGING INCREASES:  Minnesota Forest Industries
has recently submitted a proposal to the Forest Service increasing the
amount of timber logged in the Superior and Chippewa national forests,
says reporter Dennis Lien.  Minnesota Forest Industries proposes to
double the amount of timber logged in the Superior forest and to
increase the amount of logging in the Chippewa forest by 25 percent. 
Environmental organizations have been attempting to slow or stop
commercial logging in the Superior and Chippewa forests and have
submitted proposals to the Forest Service contrasting the increased
logging proposals.

OTTER-WING STILL BLOCKED:  Road construction in the Otter-
Wing timber sale continues to be blocked by tree sitters through the end
of road building season in Idaho, reports the Cove/Mallard Coalition. 
The Otter-Wing timber sale includes 12 miles of new roads and 620
acres of logging units.  The Otter-Wing campaign is part of a six year
effort by the Cove/Mallard Coalition to protect the largest wilderness
area in the lower 48 states.  "These folks are heroes for standing
against the Nez Perce National Forest officials intent on destroying
water quality, aquatic habitat, and roadless areas for timber," said
Michael Bowersox of the Cove/Mallard Coalition.  

MOUNT HOOD PROPOSAL:  The Forest Service released a proposal
to protect areas of the Mount Hood National Forest by limiting hiking
and camping access, according to the Oregon Wildlife Federation
(OWF).  However, the environmental community recommends that the
best way to reduce pressure on the forests is to designate more
wilderness areas and OWF is calling for the entire Mount Hood
National Forest to be one of those areas.  The Forest Service is
refusing to participate in a public forum that might expose their
proposal to criticism by the public.  "The Forest Service is currently
destroying wilderness areas faster than you imagine," said Joe Keating
of OWF.  "The recreational needs of our community are not served by
destroying our watersheds and ancient forests."

EXPANSION DENIED:  Federal wildlife managers have refused a
request to expand the grizzly bear recovery zone in and around
Yellowstone National Park because it is "expensive and unnecessary,"
reports Associated Press.  Radio telemetry maps show that grizzlies
have moved from the center to the outskirts of a recovery zone drawn
in 1985.  Environmental groups say that a shortage of food is pushing
bears outside the recovery area, where the bears' needs are given
priority over other land uses.  Federal biologists said consistent
boundaries are necessary to measure the bears' recovery, but Shoshone
National Forest Supervisor Becky Aus said there is "no pressing need"
to expand the recovery zone.

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