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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of American Lands, November 11, 1998 
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MAI DAY OF ACTION:  Wednesday, November 18 is an
International Day of Action against moving the Multi-lateral Agreement
on Investment (MAI) to the World Trade Organization (WTO).  MAI
negotiations at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development are in serious trouble, but supporters of the agreement are
calling for a resumption of negotiations at the WTO.  Strong criticism
of the MAI is based on the pact's proposed expansion of investor rights
at the expense of democratic sovereignty and regulations that protect
workers, and the environment.  The International Day of Action will
send the message that the MAI is unacceptable in any forum.  For more
information please contact Margrete Strand Rangnes with the Public
Citizen Global Trade Watch at 202/546-4996 or mstrand at

COMMENT DEADLINE EXTENDED:  The Fish and Wildlife Service
has extended the comment period for it's proposal to list the lynx under
the Endangered Species Act to November 16.  The listing has been
postponed due to opposition from members of Congress and the fur
trapping community, but it also gives the conservation community more
time to ensure the protection of the lynx.  The lynx would be
designated as "endangered," rather than "threatened," making it even
more difficult for federal and state agencies to further degrade lynx
habitat with excessive logging, roadbuilding or motorized vehicle use. 
Please send your comments to the Fish and Wildlife Service (Lynx),
100 North Park, Suite 320, Helena, Montana, 59601, as well as to your
Senators and Representatives.  For more information please contact
Dave Gaillard at Predator Project 406/587-3389 or
gaillard at

Management's Arcata Field Office has closed the Black Sands Beach in
the King Range National Conservation Area in California to off-road
vehicles, says Ryan Henson of the California Wilderness Coalition. 
The King Range NCA is an unique blend of beach, surf, marsh, ancient
forest and grassland and hosts a variety of plants and wildlife.  "In a
nation where public land managers are often overly timid and afraid of
controversy, even to the point of ignoring ecological harm, the Arcata
Field Office's decision to close Black Sands Beach is very refreshing
and gratifying indeed," said Ryan Henson.

BLACKWATER SUIT: The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and
Heartwood have filed a formal notice of intent to sue Allegheny Wood
Products for illegally harming endangered squirrels, salamanders and
bats, reports the Charleston Gazette.  The groups charge that Allegheny
Wood ignored federal legal mandates to minimize harm to threatened
and endangered species and failed to seek a permit under the
Endangered Species Act before the logging began.  "As each day
passes, more timber is extracted from the Blackwater Canyon, thus
increasing the possibility and probability of extinction of at least two
listed species from the Blackwater Canyon," the notice of intent to sue
states.  For more information please contact the Appalachian
Restoration Campaign, a project of Heartwood, at 804/971-3898 or
arcmaps at

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