Flooding in Central America

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Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> When I first heard about the flooding, caused by a hurricane, I
> suspected that the real cause was deforestation. Now I see in the lead
> editorial of my local paper that this in fact was the case. Areas where
> the rain forest was NOT harvested on the hillsides did not get flooded.
> But of course, we DARE NOT challenge those SACRED "PROPERTY RIGHTS" of
> those hillside landowners, the local aristocrats; by insisting that all
> logging be done under the direction of professional foresters. Heck no.
> Who cares if thousands died in the flooding. None of the aristocrats
> died, they have their mansions up on safe ground.
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More complicated than that.  Central and South American have gone
a hellish period of land reform, political turmoil where the pols bought
support by giving land to the peasents.  The known agriculture is
primarily slash and burn, then move on.  That and the need for
international hard dollars has caused deforestation at a rate that would
have most US enviroes in apoplexy.  It is political, there is very
little private ownership of land past the barons/government contracts
where the governments make the profit.  

American standards of ownership, fair play, good environemental
practices do not exist south of the Rio Grande.  Social liberalism at
its worse, the rich  get rich, and the poor die, farming government

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