Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Mon Nov 16 16:50:12 EST 1998

In article <8CkUVNA3$ZS2EwGz at thopkins.demon.co.uk>, 
thopkins at thopkins.demon.co.uk writes: 
> The poster is Russian, I think. The problem is to do with different
> keyboards (latin and cyrilic), but from my previous experience, the text
> should have been in English, but somewhere the software that allows the
> cyrilic keys to function as latin keys has failed.

Ukranian, from the header.  There is no Charset= statement in his header, 
so there is no way of telling what his encoding scheme is.  Judging from 
appearance, it may be unicode.  Judging from the newsgroups, it is spam.
> I forget how to get the posting into English, but last time this
> happened to me, my service provider sent a mail to the Russian folk, and
> after that it all came up in proper English. The Rusian (?) poster is
> probably unaware of what is happening.

It's doubtful he reads this group at all.

-- Larry

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